Refund Policy, Rules & Fees

Here we are providing return (refund or cancellation) policies at our web-site.

Information on the offered goods and services

We are providing opportunities for our customers at for:

  • buying and selling cryptocurrencies at our website;
  • exchanging fiat currency against a virtual currency;
  • providing a virtual currency wallet service.

Consumer service time of answer
Customer service request by mail will be answered within 2 business days.

A full list of goods / services

  • Cryptocurrencies for buy and sell (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on). Full list of cryptocurrencies and their prices (updated every minute) at the main page of our website (online shop).
  • Wallet service for virtual currencies.

Card transaction currency
Euro (EUR)

The final cost of the order

  • Cryptocurrency price +
    (If Visa/MasterCard payment)
    +3-6% (minimum 0,20€) merchant provider price + your bank fee (if any, conversion fee, etc.);
  • (If PayPal payment)
    +PayPal comission (depends of your account);
  • (If private bank payment on request)
    +Your bank payment comission (SEPA/SWIFT).

How fast is our service? Terms of delivery goods through our services
You will get your order online in 1-2 seconds (reload page time), in exceptional cases - in few (up to 10) minutes.

Possible additional payments
Your bank may have additional fees (for example for converting money from foreign currency to EUR).

Using our services customer understand our policies, including the obligation to pay the customer possible customs duties and value added tax (if any needed in his country of tax residence).

Know your client (KYC procedures)
We have the right to ask additional documents from all of our customers (e.g.: passport or ID card) for account activation/verification or other services to verify your identity and provide high quality and secure services.

Description and conditions of the purchase process
Customer choosing what currency he/she wants to change or keep safe, draws up an application, makes a deal, in most cases in few seconds the process should be finished. Errors may occur for example, because of internet connection, if so, please, reload your page and try one more time (if the transaction or placing the order has not been done).

Payment methods
Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, private transfer to our company's EU bank account (upon request).

Who is our client?
You can be physical person or a company. We are B2C & B2B company in the same time.

Terms of return policies
Due to the specifics of our digital products and their high volatility chargeback (refund) is not provided. Possible exception - technical problem on the side of our or partner servers (if through our fault the cryptocurrency was not purchased for you).

The procedure for the transfer / dispatch of goods
In this case (if through our fault the cryptocurrency was not purchased for you) we ourselves initiate a refund (the money comes back to where they came from).

The procedure for transferring information related to the order to the client
our customer receiving updates at web-site, also with emails.

Warranty conditions for the goods
When our customers exchange or keep safe some of electronic products through our service, we guarantee that they will get what they buy/sell. Customers should be careful to read our policies, watch the logos, titles and amount before placing the order.

Phone and email address of customer service department, as well as feedback procedure
[email protected] (time of response up to 2 business days)
+37258792597 (Mon-Fri, 10.00-16.00) (GMT + 2)
The customer undertakes to certify in a reproducible form that customer (the cardholder), before confirming the transaction (the deal), agreed to the terms of service, privacy and refund policies.